What is Paid Media?

Paid Media is a process of investing on marketing for improved or targeted results. This process of Media buying can have multiple mottos like visibility, gathering leads, receiving enquiries etc. Some of the examples of Paid Media are: PPC (Pay Per Click), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Advertising, Radio or Podcast Ads etc.


The first phase of ePicient paid marketing is discovering the platforms where you can advertise. This helps us channelise the marketing goals in a better manner.

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An offer is the promise that you make to the audience in your ads. Its the most crucial step because what you offer enhances the probability of the conversion of your client.

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After understanding what platform works for ad, and what it has to offer to the consumer, it's then we focus on the marketing budgets. It's always important to produce best results for less budgets.

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Benefits of Paid Media

Unlike organic marketing methods that offer limited marketing flexibility, Paid Media or Paid Marketing offers better marketing scope, here's how.

Amplify Visibility

Paid Marketing amplifies your brand's reach more into the market. It drastically improves the visibility of your brand, hence resulting in more engagement when compared to an organic approach.

Gather Market Insights

how did your audience interact with your ads? Which ad types was most popular? Did video convert better and with whom? It's here the Ad analytics come very handy and are very impactful in the process.

Enhanced Targeting

Paid Marketing especially on Social Media Sites enables a complete control over who sees your ad. You also get the flexibility of filtering your audience on the basis of psychographic factors.

Flexible Budgets

Paid Marketing on Social Media/Networking Platforms is more cost effective and flexible. It's an easier process with less efforts both in terms of man power as well as data management.

Wanna Know More?

Well didn't you totally understand how this works? Well no worries, we Chimps are here to help your out. Do fill upyour details and we shall get back to you.


How we Achieve this?

Our mantra towards running successful ads is simple. We follow a process!

We thoroughly understand your Business model, and what better value we can add up to it if with go ahead with paid advertising. It's then channelise it the right way to the right audience, and it's as simple as that.

Our Paid Marketing Plans

Basic Plan

6000 / month

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Premium Plan

10000 / month

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Advance Plan

15000 / month

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